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Easy CRM

Smarter CRM is built with one purpose - to create the best online CRM tool, that is easy for everyone to understand and use.

Smarter CRM displays an easy and user friendly layout and with a few clicks you can overview your customers details, like contacts, activities, notes, sales activities and more.

You and your sales team can get started without any use of consultants or the like. Our CRM system is for the entrepreneur as well as the midsized companies - it is perfect for all businesses with 1-99 users.

Online hosting

Smarter CRM is hosting the solutions for you (SaaS), which means you do not have to worry about anything else than to use our userfriendly system. You can access the system from anywhere in the world and from whatever computer or device you are connected.

Beside being the most user friendly CRM system on the market, our price is also extremely attractive and straight forward - 10 EUR (9 GBP) per month, per user.

This is why we call it Easy CRM

Smarter CRM is straight forward. We have removed all the unnecessary features, that is typically used by less than 2% of all users. Instead, we have focused on a simple and quick interface.

The key to CRM success is to keep things simple. Sales people in general would rather spend the time selling than in a software system.

You keep all customer informations gathered in one page. You can see the customers master data, contacts, notes, activities etc on one page. Constantly you can choose to change your focus from customer to contact by a single click.

Your activity page shows an extremely easy overview of todays activities, overdue acitivites and future activities. With one click you can change the activity, add notes or postpone it.

Smarter CRM is built on .Net AJAX technology. This technology makes the page dynamic and all your changes can be made without loading the page again. This will give you quick response times and easy user access.

Our users are usually able to use the system by intuitive use. However, we invite you to take a look at our instruction video. We will also gladly help you to get started on the phone.

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